Mapping Out a Growth Plan that Builds Company Value


Bob Burke
Natural Products Consulting, LLC, Principal

A consultant since 1998, Bob Burke provides assistance in bringing natural, organic and specialty products to market across most classes of trade. This includes work in growth strategies, sales modeling,  pricing, building distribution, broker selection and management, organizational development, financing, branding, trade spending and assistance around M&A, diligence and go-to-market plans for international companies entering the US market. He is also the co-author of the Natural Products Field Manual, Ninth Edition. Prior to consulting, Bob was with Stonyfield Farm Yogurt for 11 years as Vice President, Sales & Corporate Development. He received an MBA from Babson College. www.NaturalConsulting.com

He currently serves as an outside director for EcoFish, Saffron Road, Uncle Matt’s Organic, Cali’flour Foods, Walden Mutual Bank and King Arthur Baking. He serves on the advisory boards of Noops, Wildgood, Docezza Gelato, Maine Crisps and Soapbox Soaps. He is a former director of Stonyfield Farm, Orgain, Equal Exchange, Stirrings, and FoodState/MegaFood. He is on the Selection Committee at Nutrition Capital Network. He serves on the Industry Working Group for Education and Preparedness for the Specialty Food Association. He also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Nutrition Business Journal. 

In this session we will cover: clarifying goals, considering resources and mapping out a realistic plan that will achieve objectives and build value in your business. We’ll discuss planks in the growth platform and tie in those drivers of value creation prized by investors as well as financial and strategic buyers. The framework offered here will be valuable to both early stage companies as well as those seeking to take their business to the next level.