Douglas Bierend
Freelance writer, independent journalist & author

Doug Bierend is a freelance writer, independent journalist and first-time author based in the Hudson Valley of New York. He writes with a special interest in science, technology, interactive media, food systems, degrowth, biodiversity, and general subversiveness. His byline appears in WIRED, Vice, Motherboard, The Atlantic, Civil Eats, The Counter, Outside Magazine, and numerous other places. His first book, In Search of Mycotopia, is out now with Chelsea Green publishing.

From ecology to fermentation, in pop culture and in medicine - mushrooms are everywhere. Author Doug Bierend has written In Search of Mycotopia to uncover the vanguard of mycologists; growers, independent researchers, ecologists, entrepreneurs, and amateur enthusiasts exploring and advocating for fungi’s capacity to improve and heal. From decontaminating landscapes and waterways to achieving food security, he examines how humans can work with fungi to better live with nature—and with one another.