Upcycling & Zero Waste


Cortney Burns
Chef, Author & Consultant

Cortney Burns is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning degrees in Cultural Anthropology and South Asian studies. Upon graduation, she moved to Australia, where she first began to cook professionally. She returned to the States in 2001, and currently splits her time between Cape Cod and New Hampshire. Her book Nourish Me Home was published in 2020. She consults on the setup and extension of various preservation programs around the country.

Jessica Alonzo
Petra and the Beast & Native Ferments, Head of Fermentation & Sous Chef

Jessica Alonzo, a Texas native, is currently the Head of Fermentation and sous chef at Petra and the Beast in Dallas, TX. In December of 2016, she began working for Chef Matt McCallister at FT-33, which is where she was first introduced to pickling, fermentation and preservation. During her time there, she learned the importance of building good relationships with local farmers, and responsibly sourcing produce and whole animals. She also adopted a new mindset; save everything, turn food scraps into something useful…whole utilization. June of 2018, she went on to stage in California and attended fermentation workshops in New York and Austin. Using the preservation techniques learned and mixed with her own study, she built the larder for Chef Matt McCallister’s current restaurant (Homewood), before moving on to Petra and the Beast. She launched Native Ferments earlier in 2021. She constantly pushes herself to research and apply preservation techniques from different cultures to local Texas ingredients.

Jeremy Kean
Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, Executive Chef & Partner

Jeremy Kean is executive chef and partner at Brassica Kitchen + Cafe in Boston’s Jamaica Plain. Having cooked at no.9 park, Rialto, garden in the cellar, Aquitaine and impatience farms. Jeremy was then the co-founder of whisk pop-up restaurant. The love for fermentation with the goal of umami and a 0 waste program has inspired brassicas constantly changing French menu. His goal is to gain and share knowledge of innovative preservation and utilization of whole ingredients and byproducts.

Jori Jayne Emde
Lady Jayne's Alchemy, Chef/Culinary Historian/Food Scientist

Jori Jayne Emde is a Chef, Culinary Historian and Food Scientist. Her specialties are fermentation and alchemy with a focus on terroir.  Jori practices her unique process of whole utilization: maximizing the yield from each ingredient through the processes of fermentation, preservation, and extraction.

An Austin, TX native, Jori completed an associate degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu before moving to New York City. She began her career working at the two Batali/Bastianich establishments Lupa Osteria Romana and Esca. In 2004, Jori began working with Zakary Pelaccio, first at 5 Ninth Restaurant and then at Fatty Crab.  

In 2011, Jori and Zak moved to the Hudson Valley and renovated a 150-year-old carriage house that became the award-winning Fish & Game. She was Co-Chef and responsible for the restaurant's impressive larder of ferments and preserves, both sweet and savory. That same year, Jori started her brand, Lady Jayne’s Alchemy.  In 2019  Fish & Game was listed in Esquire's 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Decade.

In 2020, Fish & Game closed. Jori and Zak moved to Taos, New Mexico, where she launched her comprehensive online fermentation school, Lady Jayne's Alchemy School of Funk.  

Rich Shih
Our Cook Quest, Author & Culinary Explorer

Rich Shih is one of the leading culinary explorers of koji and miso in the United States and an in-demand food preservation consultant. He is also the Exhibit Engineer for the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) based in New York City. Find out more on his blog at OurCookQuest.com.

Cortney Burns brings together a group of practitioners to discuss their  commitment to zero waste, and the various means - including upcycling - they use to achieve that goal.