Founder Summit CDMX 2021 Founder Summit CDMX 2021



Andrew Gazdecki
MicroAcquire, Founder
Sahil Lavingia
Gumroad, CEO
Janessa White
Simply Eloped, Founder
Kevin McArdle
SureSwift, CEO
Tyler Tringas
Calm Company Fund, General Partner
Ben Kellie
The Launch Company, CEO
Natalie Nagele
Wildbit, Founder
Dru Riley, Founder
Steph Smith
The Hustle, Head of
David Sherry
Death to Stock, Startup Coach + Founder
Michele Hansen
Geocodio, Deploy Empathy, Founder, Author
Nick Zadrozny
One More Cloud, CEO
Caro Griffin
Tech Ladies, VP of Operations
Anthony Castrio
Indie Worldwide, Founder
Najva Sol
Calm Company Fund, Head of Product + Marketing
Chris Reedy
SureSwift Capital, VP, Acquisitions
Alexa Meyer
Coa, Co-founder + CEO
Travis Woods
Maybe Finance, Co-founder
Anisah Osman Britton
Calm Company Fund, Director of Storytelling
Jeremy Redleaf
Caveday, Co-founder
Ben Orenstein
Tuple, Founder + CEO
Brooke Hurford
Workfrom, Founder
Mark Magnuson
Bildr, Founder
Austin Senseman
Conserv, CEO
Jimmy Hayes
Minaal, Founder
Damian Thomspon
Rev Team, Founder
Sofia M. Provencio
General Congress of the United Mexican States, Advisor to the Cultural Commission
Giorgio Ballardin
Amazon, Senior Data Scientist
Dan Fellars
On2air, Founder
Moritz Dausinger
Refiner, Founder
Juan Pablo Marín Díaz
Datasketch, CEO
Reilly Chase
Hostifi, Founder
Jeff Wraley
Groundwork, Founder + CEO
Gustavo Medina
Founder + CEO, Nubii