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Magical Creatures: Alebrijes Painting Workshop [1]

Hp1dE8ZCogpbQvntzQJvWmqqgqf14VWsNm1fJZbq.pngIn this workshop you will create your own Alebrije directly from the Oaxacan workshop of the best Alebrije makers in the country: Jacobo y Maria Angeles.
Alebrijes are magical Mexican creatures made popular in the 1930s by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. They are whimsical animals painted in bright colors that represent dreams and imagination. Some are made of wood and others of paper mache and cardboard. Every year huge versions of these creatures parade down the streets of Mexico City in the annual Alebrije Parade during the Day of The Dead festivities.

**We'll be hosting multiple sessions of 30 minutes each. Space is limited. **


Your hosts for the evening are Jacobo and María Angeles— In 1994, they  opened a workshop in the small town of San Martin Tilcajete, in Oaxaca, with the desire to undertake and rescue the ancestral practice of wood carving. 

The workshop is know for it's one-log wood carving technique and working under community values like teaching, sharing and contributing. Since the beginning, the workshop has been committed to its natural and social environment and can proudly say that they have generated more than three hundred jobs and have planted more than nineteen thousand copal trees in their region to date.