Founder Summit CDMX 2021 Founder Summit CDMX 2021

Oxacan Chocolate Tasting [3]


Cacao is a sacred plant, commonly found in the southern states of Mexico, in La Rifa it is turned into chocolate with respect and passion.

The tasting, imparted by a master chocolatier, will walk you through the origins of cacao, the process of chocolate making, the different varietals used and their flavor profiles, and the overall magic behind chocolate. Tasting includes 4 different varietals.

**We'll be hosting multiple sessions of 30 minutes each. Space is limited. **

Your host for the evening is La Rifa—a 100% Mexican project focused on the transformation of cacao. Founded in 2012, they built strong relationships with cacao producer families that harvest in agroforestry systems to preserve Mexico's biodiversity and traditional agricultural practices. They won Silver and Bronze in the Bean to Bar Plain Chocolate Bars division at the International Chocolate Awards in 2017.