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Xochimilco : Boat Ride + Farm-to-table Lunch


What: A gondola ride through a vast water transport system built by the Aztecs, followed by a riverside farm-to-table meal.

Where: Meet @ Four Seasons

bus leaves at 9:45 am 

Return:  drop off at 4 pm (latest)

*FLIGHT INFO: if your flight leaves at 6 pm you can grab a cab directly from Xochimilco to the airport and should be there 2 hrs prior to your departure. Anything prior to 6 pm is very tight. Otherwise you can attend ***

**EARLY BIRDSIf you can't make it to the Arca Tierra Experience, we're setting up a group to go to the boats in the morning for a simpler visit. Departure will be at 9 am, back by 1:30 pm. You will have the boat experience, but this will not include a meal or the visit to the Chinampas. Sign up for that here.**

About Xochimilco:

For most people it's easier to say "the boats" but Xochimilco, our last stop for the Summit on Wednesday October the 27th, is so much more than that.

 Xochimilco is one of Mexico City's boroughs and within it lies a system of canals within man-made islands called Chinampas that form a complex and unique agricultural landscape. The area was developed since the foundation of Mexico City back in the 1300s and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So why call it the boats? The boats have always been there, they are called trajineras and were originally used to transport food from Xochimilco to the city. In the early 1900s Xochimilco slowly started attracting tourists and by the 1960s when Mexico hosted its first World Cup the idea of flower decorated trajineras was in full swing.iO9Br34qlNFa4RyJ7Such7Fwo4pQZb9DFuLojVIq.png

We want you to explore Xochimilco beyond the boat ride. So we've put together an amazing experience with the Team at Arca Tierra that includes the traditional boat ride through the canals (drink in hand) plus a visit to their GORGEOUS chinampa where they will host us for a local meal cooked by the family that runs the place.