Techstars Foundercon 2020 Techstars Foundercon 2020



Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Strategies for Today’s Market Unknowns
Clarence Bethea
Clarence Bethea Upsie, Founder and CEO - Techstars Retail 2017
Alex Canter
Alex Canter Ordermark, CEO - Techstars Boulder 2018
Gregg Cochran
Gregg Cochran Techstars, Network Catalyst - Americas
Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark Trellis Research, CEO and co-founder - Techstars LA 2018
Dan DeMers
Dan DeMers Cinchy, CEO and Co-founder - Techstars Toronto 2018
Luke Schoenfelder
Luke Schoenfelder Latch, Co-founder and CEO - Techstars R/GA 2015