Techstars Foundercon 2020 Techstars Foundercon 2020



Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Breaking Down Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship
Claudia Reuter
Claudia Reuter Techstars, General Manager, Americas East
Sara Bates
Sara Bates MamaMend, Co-founder & CEO - Techstars MetLife 2018
Nami Baral
Nami Baral Harvest Platform, Founder & CEO - Techstars Barclays 2019
Michele Atkinson
Michele Atkinson Contract Cloud, CEO & Founder - Techstars Chicago 2020

One set of barriers to increased entrepreneurship is the underrepresentation of women entrepreneurs. With women half as likely to become entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts, the world economy is missing out on potential innovation and economic growth. Join us to learn about the gender biases that exist in entrepreneurship and the workplace and what can be done to help decrease the obstacles women entrepreneurs are facing.