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Thursday, July 30, 2020

What About Me as a Cofounder in the Long Term!?
Clem Cazalot
Clem Cazalot Techstars, Managing Director - Boston
Jesse Bardo
Jesse Bardo EverTrue, Cofounder - Techstars Boston 2011
Brent Shields
Brent Shields OwnUp, CTO & Co-founder - Techstars Boston 2017
Layla Lynn
Layla Lynn AceUp, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder - Techstars Boston 2019
Sonciary Honnoll
Sonciary Honnoll Promoboxx, Co-founder - Techstars Boston 2011

The “CEO role” is somewhat easy to understand as the company grows: focus on fundraising, hiring good executives, and strategy. However, as a cofounder, we are wearing many different hats. What does this mean in the long term?