Techstars Foundercon 2020 Techstars Foundercon 2020



Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Real Talk: Investor-Founder-Mentor Relationships
Natty Zola
Natty Zola Techstars, Matchstick Ventures, Managing Director, Partner
Liz Giorgi
Liz Giorgi Soona Studios, Co-Founder and CEO - Techstars Boulder 2018
Jackie Ros Amable
Jackie Ros Amable Techstars Alumni Boulder 2015
Bryan Birsic
Bryan Birsic FundBoard, Co-founder & CEO

Where do most founders go wrong? Where do most investors go wrong? It’s all about how they build relationships. But what does it actually mean to build a relationship for fundraising? In this talk we will discuss how to successfully build long term business relationships and how that applies to fundraising and network building. As a group of seasoned fundraisers, we are going to dig into the bolts and nuts of what healthy founder-investor-mentor relationships and conversations look like overtime, as well as, discuss some of the challenges in the fundraising landscape. From congress, to building new funds for underserved regions, or building platforms to democratize fundraising, this group of speakers is dedicated to making fundraising more accessible and straightforward and will undoubtedly be sharing some gems!

Visit Zoom link above at time of event.