Techstars Foundercon 2020 Techstars Foundercon 2020

Building Your Company Remote First


Damola Ogundipe
Civic Eagle, Co-founder and CEO - Techstars Anywhere 2019

Damola is the co-founder and CEO of Civic Eagle. Before Civic Eagle, Damola advised leading healthcare institutions on tech-policy strategy and helped build and scale an online sneaker-retail company.

Ahva Sadeghi
Symba, Co-founder & CEO - Techstars Anywhere 2020
Ryan Kuder
Techstars, Managing Director - Techstars Anywhere
Lindsey Michaelides
Strongsuit, Co-founder & CEO - Techstars Anywhere 2019
Jordan Husney
Parabol, Co-founder & CEO - Techstars Anywhere 2019
Darren Buckner
Workfrom, CEO - Techstars Anywhere 2020

How do you build a company with remote employees from the very beginning? We'll talk with four Techstars Anywhere founders at different stages who are doing just that. We will discuss hiring, onboarding, culture, processes, challenges and benefits. If you've recently gone remote or are considering making the move to remote join us for this panel discussion.