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Techstars Chapters Presents: Navigating the Techstars Network


Louis Huynh
Techstars, Director of Network Operations
Ali Norup
kpiReady, Founder and CEO - Techstars NYC 2018

Multi-faceted Tech Entrepreneur with deep expertise in business development, strategy, and finance. Ali has over 15 years of experience in driving business development across a wide range of industries such as tech, finance, and fundraising, at world renowned institutions such as JPMorgan Chase and New York University. Having started several businesses herself as well as marketed to SMEs following her MBA at Stern, Ali appreciates and understands the needs of SMEs. She is now focused on providing smart solutions for entrepreneurs and founders like herself who need simple, ready-made systems that help build and grow their ventures.

Chris Wolfel
Helpful, Co-Founder & CEO
Diana Yuan
Indico, Co-founder & VP of Talent and Operations - Techstars Boston 2014

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