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What Life is Like 5 Years After My Techstars Program


Natty Zola
Techstars, Matchstick Ventures, Managing Director, Partner

Partner at Matchstick Ventures and Managing Director for Techstars Boulder

John Guydon
Lassy Project, CEO
John Paasonen
Maxwell, Co-founder & CEO - Techstars Boulder 2016
Devon Tivona
Pana, CEO and Co-founder
Jackie Ros Amable
Techstars Alumni Boulder 2015

Jacqueline Ros Amable is a global entrepreneur, community leader, builder, and writer based out of NYC. Previously she was the Techstars Regional Director of the Americas, from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, including Brazil. Jackie has seen the world of entrepreneurship close up. She was born in Miami, and has lived in Mexico City, Boulder, and Switzerland. An alum of the Techstars accelerator program where she led her company, Revolar, as CEO, she raised over $5 million from investors such as Foundry Group and was awarded patents for her technology. She's passionate about social issues and her career has spanned from serving communities through Teach For America, to helping up and coming political leaders win public office, to tech with a focus on making the world a more equitable, sustainable, and safe place.

Todd Saunders
Broadlume, CEO - Techstars Boulder 2015

Natty Zola will revisit founders from previous classes to discuss what life looks like for them five years after they started their Techstars journey.