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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Business as a Force for Good: Fireside Chat with Sameer Dholakia of Twilio Sendgrid
Sameer Dholakia
Sameer Dholakia
CEO of Twilio Sendgrid
Amy Lesnick
Amy Lesnick
Pledge 1%, Chief Executive and President

Join us for a fireside chat with Sameer Dholaki, CEO of Twilio Sendgrid, where we sit down to chat about being a force for good through business. Sameer took Sendgrid public in 2017 and feels strongly that giving back is both the right thing and smart thing for companies to do. Learn from a CEOs personal experience with boards and tips on how to get it through.

We will be chatting about how to embed giving back into the DNA of your company and why setting aside equity is both a smart and right thing to do (now more than ever).  This session will be focusing on helping founders better understand why/how to set aside equity as well as the models, tools, resources available to help them.