Thursday, July 16, 2020

Key Design Principles for a Successful Service Status Dashboard
Luke Lofgren
Luke Lofgren
Acxiom LLC, Monitoring Engineering Team Leader

Luke Lofgren : Infrastructure Architect, Axciom

Acxiom has a multi-year journey to create a cross-enterprise Service Status Dashboard in order to provide real-time health on almost 300 different business and infrastructure services. The session will review the array of design aspects needed for successful implementation. All events for the dashboard are processed through Zenoss Service Dynamics and service status is determined by Zenoss event processing. The design review will encompass concepts around the integration of Zenoss Impact service status in order to continue to simplify and leverage the expanding array of potential service status event sources. Many depend on dashboards to show you the status of services like AWS and Azure, this presentation will help you build one yourself.

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