Bringing On-Prem ML Use Cases to Production


Chanchal Chatterjee
Google Inc., Cloud AI Leader

Chanchal Chatterjee, Ph.D, held several leadership roles in machine learning, deep learning and real-time analytics. He is currently leading Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Google Cloud Platform. Chanchal received several awards including Outstanding paper award from IEEE Neural Network Council for adaptive learning algorithms recommended by MIT professor Marvin Minsky. Chanchal founded two tech startups. Chanchal has 29 patents, and over 30 publications. 

Past Speaking Experience :

I offered over 50 EBCs in the last 2 years. 
In addition see below my top 10 speaking engagements in the last one year:

1. MLOps: Production & Engineering World 2020 Keynote, June 16th - 18th, 2020.
2. 4th Annual Global AI Conference Keynote, Jan 21-23, 2020.
3. Towards Data Science Interview/Podcast, Toronto, Nov 2019
4. NeurIPS Workshop Presentation, Dec 9-14, 2019, Vancouver, Canada.
5. Toronto ML Summit Keynote, 11/21-22/19, Toronto, Canada.
6. Loka Podcast, 10/30/2019.
7. AI & Big Data Expo Keynote, 11/13-14/19. Santa Clara, CA.
8. Itaú ML Worksho, 10/3/2019, GVC, Sao Palo, Brazil.
9. Charles Schwab SIFMA Panel, 7/30/19, San Francisco, CA.
10. Capital One Cyberfraud Summit Keynote, 5/30/19, Washington DC.

Chanchal Chatterjee : Cloud AI Leader, Google

This session will focus on machine learning and analyze on-prem business-critical service assurance use cases, such as anomaly detection for data center applications. It will review how Kubeflow pipelines are bringing ML applications to a scalable, portable, composable and secure production platform. It will include a demonstration of an easy, step-by-step process with ML workloads and bringing them to a production on the Google Cloud Platform.

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