Digital Experience Monitoring


Jeff Graham
LayerX Technologies Inc., CEO

Jeff has over 30 years experience as a technologist in the telecom and network business. That has included experience in engineering, sales and executive leadership. He served previously CTO of Arrow S3 and Shared Technologies. He was the President of MTI, one of the firs true cloud based IVR and speech recognition services companies. He served in sales leadership and engineering for the Williams Companies for 2 decades. His experience has server LayerX well in leading product development

Jeff Graham : CEO, LayerX

In today's remote working world it is more important than ever to keep a tight tab on the digital experience of your employees and customers. That experience is tied directly to their productivity and efficiency, both of which have real economic impact on the company. This session will explore how Zenoss monitors users digital experience with unified communications (UC) and collaboration cloud platforms.

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