Observability Into AWS Cloud and Containers


Avro Chatterjee
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Technical Manager

Avro: A passionate technology leader who has spent over 15 years at organizations such as Guardian Life, Volvo & Thomson Reuters bringing about digital transformation in platform administration, operations, enterprise monitoring & automation.  With a vision of lights-out operations fueled by innovative mindset he has successfully rolled out monitoring & logging as a service, centralized cognitive event management & automated event response for improved availability & data driven decision making. 

Past Speaking Experience :

I've spoken at GalaxZ18 user-conference in Austin Texas covering "Software defined IT Operations" and have previously been a speaker in IBM user conferences in 2014 and 2016 held at Las-Vegas talking about monitoring strategies and run-book automation. 

Avro Chatterjee : Technical Manager, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 

This session will cover how Guardian Life is leveraging Zenoss for observability into its AWS cloud. The session will talk about the strategies used for effective and efficient monitoring and alerting for compute resources running on AWS cloud including ECS containers, tag-based EC2 monitoring for applications and workloads running on them, autoscaling groups, load balancers, the relational database service (RDS), and serverless Lambda functions.

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