Curbing Toxicity in the Metaverse


Tiffany Xingyu Wang
Spectrum Labs, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Tiffany Xingyu Wang is the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Spectrum Labs, a contextual AI platform set to build a safer internet and keeping over 1 billion users safe online. She also co-founded Oasis Consortium, a non-profit organization that launched the first comprehensive User Safety Standards for web3.0. She sits on the Digital Safety Coalition committee at the World Economic Forum.

Tiffany Xingyu is a keynote speaker and expert at the intersection of AI and Trust & Safety. She has been featured and published in TIME, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Protocol, Digiday, and Venturebeat, to name a few. She also hosts the Brand Safety Exchange podcast, a destination for digital user safety thought leaders.

Tiffany Xingyu is an advisor and investor in blockchain and quantum computing companies. She is a venture partner at Tribe, a Singapore government-backed blockchain accelerator. She holds two USPTO patents in machine learning applications on marketing.

Previously, she led the AI product development of the Data Management Platform at Before turning into a tech enterprise leader, she was an award-winning investor across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Her accolades include the Thomson Reuters PFI Awards 2012 and 2014 and the Malaysian Greentech Award. She also advised Southeast Asian governments on investment policies. The global connections and perspectives allow her to build inclusive and diverse teams and cultures now at Oasis Consortium and Spectrum Labs.

Rachel Kaser
GamesBeat, Writer
Laura Higgins
Roblox, Director of Community Safety and Civility

Laura Higgins is Director of Community Safety and Civility at Roblox with more than two decades of experience building proven safeguarding, online safety and civility programs. Roblox’s groundbreaking digital civility initiative is focused on providing the community with the skills needed to create positive online experiences in partnership with the world’s leading safety and industry organizations that drive meaningful change. Civility online is a new concept that’s based on existing principles—that everybody has a part to play in making the digital world a better place. 

In her previous role with the UK Safer Internet Centre (part of the “Better Internet for Kids” project funded by the European Commission), Laura founded several award-winning services including the Professionals Online Safety Helpline and the world’s first helpline dedicated to supporting victims of image based abuse. Laura has worked with the biggest names in tech sitting on Twitter and Snapchat’s advisory boards. She has spoken on digital safety topics across the globe and regularly appears in the media sharing her expertise with industry experts, parents and kids.

Rachel Franklin
Electronic Arts, SVP of Positive Play

Rachel is SVP of Positive Play at Electronic Arts, where she leads the company’s commitment to deliver Positive Play experiences that are inclusive, safe and fair to player communities around the world. In this role, she works with leaders across the organization to ensure Positive Play is integrated into the company's core business, implementing new principles, tools and partnerships that will drive positive player interactions and community engagement.

Over her multi-decade career in the consumer entertainment and technology space, Rachel has led high-functioning, diverse teams to inspire people through innovative products. Rachel served as the GM and VP of Maxis for five years, where she oversaw EA’s highly celebrated The Sims franchise that has driven over $5 billion in revenue over its 20 year history. As GM and VP of The Sims Studio, she was also the executive producer of The Sims 4, which has brought in more than 30 million players over its 6 years of live service, with millions of new players still joining in today.

Prior to rejoining EA, Rachel served as the Head of Social VR at Facebook, where she was responsible for AR/VR experiences that spanned a range of immersive products and platforms, such as Facebook Spaces, Oculus Venues and Facebook Horizon. She also previously worked at the cloud gaming startup OnLive, as well as Activision. Over the course of her career, Rachel has held a variety of leadership roles across technology, marketing and production, working with cross-functional teams to bring inclusive, innovative experiences to life.

Rachel holds a bachelor's degree from Carnegie Mellon in applied mathematics and computer science.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the metaverse’s development is the possible increase of toxic behavior. What kinds of behavior will rise on the metaverse? Is there a way we can stop toxicity before it begins? In this talk, Tiffany Xingyu Wang, the CSO of Spectrum Labs, Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety and Civility at Roblox, and Rachel Franklin, SVP of Positive Play at Electronic Arts, will discuss ways to prevent toxicity in the rise of the metaverse.