Planning for Inclusion of New Voices in the Gaming Metaverse


Jace Hall
HiDef, Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Jace Hall has spent the past 25 years developing hit game franchises first as the head of independent studio Monolith Productions and later as senior vice president and general manager of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Mr. Hall has experience in creating original IP as well as developing successful interactive experiences based on Hollywood franchises such as The Matrix, DC Comics and Harry Potter.

Mr. Hall is the game master at HiDef, who brought together long-time friend Rick Fox with games industry veteran Anthony Castoro and social impact guru Dr. David Washington. With his background in turning Hollywood IP into successful game franchises, he is now applying that experience to original games-as-service creations. With HiDef, the goal is to introduce new interactive experiences to The Metaverse that appeal to gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

Rick Fox
HiDef, Founder, Chief Business Development Officer

Rick Fox brings championship-level success, experience and leadership as a three-time NBA Champion and former team captain for the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers to the business world. Mr. Fox is a serial entrepreneur and visionary that has built successful businesses from the ground up in the media, gaming, sports and entertainment industries. He is a pioneer in esports having established the Echo Fox Gaming franchise in 2015, becoming an advocate for esports athletes and playing a major role in shaping the industry, now projected to generate more than $4 billion by 2027.

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Fox has also worked with and for more than 20 major networks and studios in acting and production roles. In his role as founder and CEO of production company 1774 Entertainment, he’s been behind the camera producing major TV and film projects. Mr. Fox is a frequent motivational speaker and founded the non-profit Bahamas Relief Foundation in 2019 to provide relief to his home country of the Bahamas after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

N'Gai Croal
Hit Detection, Founder & CEO

N’Gai Croal is the founder and CEO of the consulting firm Hit Detection, which specializes in videogames, consumer technology and media strategy. Prior to that, he served as the senior writer for technology at Newsweek, where he wrote about consumer technology since joining Newsweek in 1995. In 2006, he launched Level Up, a videogame blog hosted by Newsweek that quickly became an industry must-read. For five years, he also wrote a monthly column called Playing In the Dark for the acclaimed U.K. magazine Edge. N’Gai currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The “meta” within metaverse implies a larger scope than currently exists with the capability of helping to build connections to shared experiences in new and meaningful ways. As the gaming metaverse continues to expand rapidly, what are the opportunities for diversity and inclusivity of new voices within building and designing the metaverse? How do we create a metaverse that includes all voices? This panel with the HiDef founders, will focus on exploring these questions as well as how to rethink the foundation of the metaverse and all the areas it touches - content, culture, identity, virtual to IRL ecosystem, payment formats and currency, hardware and multi-platforms to name a few - in order to build a more inclusive world online.