Virtual Roundtable: Making the Metaverse Accessible


Michele Landis
Accessible360, Co-founder & CRO

Michele Landis is Co-Founder & CRO of Accessible360, the U.S.’s leading live-user auditing firm. A360 is part of the T-Base Communications and CommonLook family of businesses and together the divisions offer the most comprehensive group of digital accessibility specialists in the United States. Michele is an experienced leader within programs focused on inclusion and equitable access. She spends a lot of time educating companies and business associations on how to tackle an accessibility audit project, how to build with inclusive design, and the key points to the true business case for accessibility.

Bell Beh
BuzzAR, Co-founder & CEO

Bell Beh, co-founder & CEO at BuzzAR (one of Singapore's top AR companies, part of the Singapore Tourism Accelerator 2020/2021 ). She quit a six-figure legal career at Marina Bay Sands and started everything from scratch. Fast forward, she is running her multi-million dollar business. She believes that she is less than 0.01% done and her vision is to empower the world to create. In creation, we find our happiness, courage, and independence. Bell has been through abuse as a child, which propels her life mission, to empower the less-represented, under-privileged and under-served community.

Recently, her team launched a new mobile app,”HappyToon'', with computer vision/AR and AI technology, to inspire, delight and connect users physically apart. It reached No.8 on the Appstore Singapore top chart (photo & video category) in 48 hours after launching version 1.1. 

Her startup, BuzzAR is poised to be Southeast Asia’s first metaverse startup that has scaled online gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Twin, Avatar engine. Now, BuzzAR is onto its “Create to Earn” era, where the team will launch CryptoToon in Mar 2022, to democratise the creation of NFTs. 

Everyone, including the less-represented, under-privileged and under-served community, can now “Create to Earn”.

Some quick facts about Bell:

  • Lawyer turned entrepreneur (0 to multiple 6 figures revenue in 12 months).

  • 10 + years of legal, business advisory experience with malls/retailers such as Marina Bay Sands, Singtel etc.

  • UC Berkeley Asia Pacific Scholar, graduated from UC Berkeley, major in Law and Tech.

  • Co-creator & featured in The Cooking Game VR, winner of Facebook Oculus’s The Spot Light Game.

  • Women in IT Awards - Innovator of the Year (Shortlist) 2021

  • Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) - Vice President, Singapore chapter.

  • FounderWorld, Startup of the Year 2021

Paula Jones
Blind Chihuahua, Founder & CEO

Paula is the founder and CEO of Blind Chihuahua, a live music focused virtual studio and metaverse platform, built in Unreal Engine and streamed to the web.  Paula has a long history in the top end of the music industry, engineering and producing multi platinum, academy award and GRAMMY winning tracks from Elton John, Stevie Nicks, Rob Zombie and many others.  This has given her skills in using tech as a tool to communicate the artist’s vision to their audience.  This connection is paramount in a great fan experience whether it’s a song recording, a music video, or a live immersive concert.

Blind Chihuahua is a startup who aims to transform the way global music fans interact with live concerts and artists’ content online.  Paula has been an engineer for many years in an industry where women only make up 3% of the creative technical talent.  She is passionate about the voice of gender diversity and perspective both in tech teams and in game.  She is also passionate about bringing artists and fans together in virtual worlds where the music and fans’ shared experiences are exceptional, inclusive, diverse and accessible (and really really fun).  The convergence of web3 tech with game engine tech will open up exciting opportunities for many different types of artists and their devoted followers. 

Emilie Joly
Zoe Immersive, CEO

Emilie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zoe Immersive. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees business strategy for the company, and was pivotal to establishing Zoe partnerships with Unity, Oculus, Meta Learning, Microsoft, Epic Games, and others. Emilie is a designer & technologist at heart, specializing in human-computer interactions. She started working with immersive technologies in 2010 as part of her masters degree and founded her first immersive company Apelab in 2014.  Zoe, which grew out of Apelab, is an easy-to-use cross-platform 3D world creator for learning and entertainment that empowers non- and low coders to build and share interactive and engaging 3D multi-user experiences in a collaborative marketplace. Emilie’s ultimate goal is to empower the next generations of learners with 21st century skills, such as UX design, programming and more.

Isaac Castro
Emerge, Co-founder & Co-CEO

Isaac Castro is an immigrant entrepreneur and co-founder & co-CEO of Emerge, a Los Angeles-based-based company bringing touch and emotion to the metaverse. Emerge's mission is to empower those who are separated to feel more present when it is not possible to be physically together. 

He is an MIT Technology Review ‘Innovator Under 35’ recipient for the invention of a medical device for more effective cancer treatment. As a World Economic Forum's Global Shaper, he actively worked on inspiring youth and fostering peace and reconciliation with former FARC guerrilla members in Colombia, work for which he was invited to participate and speak at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. 

Isaac holds a master's degree in telecommunications engineering, and he is a graduate of Google X and NASA sponsored Global Solutions Program at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.