Building a Diversity-Oriented Studio From the Ground Up


Don Bellenger
The Beauty Cult, Game Director & Co-Founder

Don Bellenger is an Independent Game Developer from Oakland, California with 10 years of experience in the industry. Don has spent 5 years as a mentor in the Game Heads organization, which teaches game development and studio ops to under-resourced Oakland youth in an accelerator style program. Recently, Don has joined the Gameheads Studio Council which works with Humble to fully fund, develop, and bring to market several of these projects. Don makes games as Super Scary Snakes and has recently started the anarcho worker-owned developer co-op, The Beauty Cult.

Carolin Krenzer
Trailmix, CEO & Co-Founder
Theron James
Wildseed Games, CEO & Creative Director

Theron James is CEO and Creative Director of Wildseed Games, a startup building next-gen games for a globally diverse audience. Most recently, Theron served as a Director of Development at Riot Games where he drove high performance production operations for game development, publishing, and Esports. Over the course of his career, he has built and led successful teams at Disney, Sony, Warner Bros. and many others.

Theron is a devoted husband, an avid bio-hacker, functional fitness coach, martial artist and a huge anime geek.

Eve Crevoshay
Take This, Executive Director

Eve Crevoshay joined Take This as Executive Director in 2018. She is a 15-year veteran of the nonprofit sector, with a focus on fundraising and executing strategy. Her background spans education, social services, and the arts, and she is committed to identifying and enabling systemic change. Eve is a member of the advisory boards for GDC (in the advocacy track), the Fair Play Alliance, The Games and Online Harassment Hotline (, and The International Game Summit on Mental Health (; and is the recipient of the inaugural GamesBeat Up and Comer award (2020). She’s also a yogini, avid gardener and cook, and gamer. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband, daughter, and dog

The consequences of failing to embrace diversity are all over the headlines in the game industry. We have to do better. We talk with the creators of studios about how they try to make sure that their companies are diverse and inclusive from the start.