Building the Real-World Metaverse for Everyone


John Hanke
Niantic, CEO

Science fiction writers, filmmakers and futurists have warned for years about the potential for a dystopian future where technology has created a dark, uninviting, hostile world. John Hanke, the Founder and CEO of Niantic, is here to tell you it doesn’t need to go that way. If the metaverse contemplates leading our lives inside of a computer network, the Real-World Metaverse will use technology to improve our experience of the real world, enriching it with fun and magic, and helping people lead richer, more fulfilling lives. But before you can enhance reality, you need to understand reality, and Hanke will outline Niantic’s vision of empowering developers and creators around the world with the Niantic Lightship platform. Learning lessons from technology transformations of the past, it’s incumbent on all of us to be more inclusive of different communities and more intentional about anticipating the downsides - as well as the upsides - of technology that will shape society and our lives over the coming decades.