Crossover Between NFT Games and Art


Jason Brink
Gala Games, President of Blockchain

Jason "BitBender" Brink is an entrepreneur, blockchain theorist, and avid gamer. He is currently the President of Blockchain for Gala Games, the world's leading gaming platform with blockchain integration.

Known in the cryptocurrency community with the moniker “BitBender,” his involvement in the cryptocurrency market space started in 2014 focusing on the use of Blockchain for the decentralization of various ecosystems. In 2014, he won the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation / Global Development Network Prize for the creation of the "AidDollar", a novel blockchain-based solution to solve the problems endemic to foreign aid.

Jason is a strong believer in the ability of blockchain to create transformative change, both in business and society. As the President of Blockchain of Gala Games, he devotes considerable resources to the creation of stable play-to-earn ecosystems as a means to generate new opportunities for gamers around the world.

Sarah Buxton
Gala Games, COO

Building a decentralized team to unlock the huge opportunities of a decentralized future. Began work-life as a business strategist, helping hardworking founders to get the exit they deserved. Invested and supported startups since then, and until recently, ran a company working alongside teams out to disrupt some of the biggest businesses on earth. 

Never had ‘a job’ as she always wanted the power to make her own choices - and mistakes. Sarah’s entrepreneurial nature, for better or worse, is driven by the desire to feel a true sense of ownership. That is something Gala Games gives - and not just to its team.

Her days are now happily spent surrounded by some of the brightest and best people that the blockchain, gaming, and digital art space has to offer. Together, she and the team, as well as the awesome Gala Games community, are transforming the world. Using gaming and experiences on the blockchain so that everyone, no matter where they are, has the opportunity to own, play, share and earn. 

Dean Takahashi
GamesBeat, Lead Writer

Gala Games has waded into blockchain tech with both games and art. Its Gala Labs division also worked with Concept Art House to display comic artist Frank Miller’s NFTs, while the company is working on a big MMO with NFTs. We’ll talk about the opportunities in the space and the intersection of games, art, and other experiences.