From Video Game Creator to Entrepreneur: A Conversation With Creator and New Co-owner of Esports Organization Spacestation Gaming, Mari Takahashi


Mari Takahashi
Rebel Atom Production, AtomicMari, Founder
Jon Brence
Twitch, Director for Strategic Partnerships

Jon Brence is the Director for Strategic Partnerships at Twitch where they currently work with / develop live broadcasting strategies for some of the largest talent online. Prior to Twitch, they managed top digital creators and worked on teams in the sketch comedy space - including Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, 5SecondFilms and Cyanide & Happiness. They have run the gamut of creation outside of the internet as well - from developing product lines sold in Hot Topic to designing video games for Toyota & Oakley.

Mari Takahashi (“AtomicMari”) spent much of her video game career as a creator, influencer and host, but was always expanding her knowledge of the industry and more specifically, all the ways in which a creator can truly learn and grow as a business-focused entrepreneur. With her recent appointment as the new co-owner of esports organization Spacestation Gaming, Mari will dive into what it’s like making the leap from creator to co-owner of an esports organization, what leaps like hers’ mean for the overall creator economy, and how companies, people and brands can better understand how to work with someone like her, or moreover, take the leap themselves and successfully and strategically toe the line between creator/influencer and thought leader/entrepreneur.