How to Stop Cheating and Fraud in Your Games and in the Metaverse


Steeve Huin
Denuvo by Irdeto, Chief Marketing Officer

Steeve is Chief Marketing Officer at Irdeto, responsible for leading the Video Game and Connected Health business units as well as business development and strategic partnerships. Steeve is a seasoned executive with nearly 20 years of experience building products, driving engagement and growing revenue in the cybersecurity domain. He has a wealth of market knowledge and experience in video entertainment, gaming and connected industries such as healthcare and transportation.

Steeve holds a master’s degree in software engineering and is well-versed in the international business landscape, having held key strategic positions throughout his career in the Netherlands, Canada and China.  Prior to his current leadership role at Irdeto, Steeve was Co-Chief Executive Officer at International Datacasting Corporation (IDC), a technology provider to the world’s premiere broadcasters in Canada. 

Phillip Koskinas
Riot Games, Anti-Cheat Lead

Originally a cheat developer himself, Phillip Koskinas switched teams at the last second to avoid jailtime, ultimately helping carve the very first League of Legends banwaves from the collective meat of the guilty.  After Phillip completed the punishment of writing 300 thousand ETLs, he ascended to lead Riot's Anti-Cheat team in an election that had only one name on the ballot.

When he's not adrift in the fabric of our universe as a being of pure thought, Phillip designs custom apparel for an exclusive clientele of anonymous gentlemen.

Denise Pollock
Together Labs/IMVU Inc, Director, Trust & Safety

Denise joined the company in 2016 as Director of Trust and Safety leading the fraud prevention and safety strategy on behalf of IMVU, the world’s largest friendship discovery metaverse.  As a fraud and payments veteran, Denise has expertise in effective risk strategies, chargeback reduction across multiple platforms, anti-cheat analysis, and now also the fraud analysis of peer to peer transactions in virtual in-game currencies, and IMVU’s new transferable digital currency VCOIN.

Dean Takahashi
GamesBeat, Lead Writer

Stamping out cheaters and fraud is critical for games and other apps, as it is vital to making all of your users happy. Technology can help companies, but it can also help cheaters and fraudsters. If the headlines are any hint, this isn't a battle that the game industry has already won. There are real tradeoffs between making a game safe, balancing privacy, and keeping it fun for everybody. We'll talk about the balancing act with the experts as they tackle the problems of today and anticipate the security challenges of the metaverse.