Roundtable: 5G and Gaming


Tim Guhl

Timothy Guhl, was appointed Head of Singtel USA Western Region on March 15th 2017, with overall responsibility for the Western U.S. businesses.

Timothy joined Singtel in March 2017 as Head of Singtel USA Western Region. He has 21 years of IT/Telecomm experience including advanced degrees and training in international technology, cloud and security with senior leadership/executive positions held in such organizations as CenturyLink, C-Beyond and AT&T.  He also holds a Bachelor in Computer Science, a Masters of Science degree from Colorado State University, and is currently working on a Masters Certificate in Cybersecurity from Harvard University. 

In today’s world, people everywhere are becoming mobile. With users no longer tied down by a physical connection to the internet and handheld devices growing more powerful, the video game industry has a tremendous opportunity to connect with more people than ever. With Singtel being the world’s largest multinational mobility carrier with over 706 million customers globally, we are proud to facilitate an open panel discussion about where 5G is now, and what it will mean in the future as platforms such as AR and VR mature.