Global Entrepreneurship Week Charlotte 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Week Charlotte 2021
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Rocket Pitch: Moon Shot Edition

Tabbris Coworking 1300 South Blvd Suite D, Charlotte, NC 28203

In order to be the founder of a unicorn startup, you’ve got to have a really great idea first. Something that solves a problem. Something that makes people say “how has no one thought of that yet?”. Something that gets our attention.

Last year during the pandemic, we hosted Rocket Pitch, a pitch competition that awarded a Tabbris coworking membership to an innovative startup in Charlotte (shout out to last year’s winner Jessica Kelly and Thr3efold, a software-as-a-service platform that helps fashion brands find ethical factories). This year, we wanted to reach one step backwards to the ideation phase - where all great startups gain traction and where entrepreneurs need the most support and constructive criticism. 

We’re inviting entrepreneurs, founders, community members, random Joes, and even you to Rocket Pitch: The Moon-Shot Series. Specially tailored to “too early” ideas that don’t have a pitch deck prepared or might not even have a second team member yet. No idea is too small if it solves a problem in our society. Because let’s be honest, we need a little bit more of that coming out of this past year. 

Think you’ve got what it takes? 

Oh, did we mention the prize is a full-year membership at Tabbris’s innovation center in South End? Might want to run through your elevator pitch so you can prepare for the chance to make your startup dreams a reality.