Global Entrepreneurship Week Charlotte 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Week Charlotte 2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Growth in a Pandemic

The past year-and-a-half has been an unprecedented experience for most of us. For those trying to grow a company in the midst of a pandemic, it's been an absolute rollercoaster. For some entrepreneurs, despite all the obstacles, they've managed to navigate the unforeseen ups and downs and come out ahead. We’re bringing together several of Charlotte’s hottest companies and their founders to talk about their experiences creating a growth trajectory for their businesses during a pandemic. Come listen and learn as they share strategies and tactics that have helped them grow. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Nutritional Lunch & Learn

Gather your co-workers for this interactive seminar where Michelle Norris, Director of Corporate Wellness at SweatNet will teach you how to maintain a balanced lifestyle while handling a busy work schedule! This presentation will guide you on how to make nutritious choices at home and in the workplace to promote a healthy and balanced life.

Marketing + Sales Startup Masterclass

Become a badass at sales + marketing to attract clients and investors

Come get direct access to a LIVE panel of experts in PR, digital marketing, and sales… and get your burning business-building questions answered! Enjoy  while leveling up your marketing + sales game.


If you’re asking questions like these, this interactive discussion is for you:

  1. There are SO many marketing channels out there: PR, advertising, digital ads, email marketing, a million social media platforms, podcasts…where should a new (or fast-growing) business focus?

  2. I feel like I’m doing all the right things, but my audience isn’t converting into customers. What gives?

  3. How do I stand out in a saturated market?

  4. What are the biggest marketing + sales pitfalls…and how do I avoid them?

  5. I’m struggling to get meetings with my target clients. How do I break in?

  6. What’s the difference between marketing and sales…and do I need both?

  7. What are some truly creative, out-of-the-box marketing and sales ideas?

  8. What if I need to pivot…how do I handle that from a brand + marketing perspective?

  9. What’s the #1 fastest way to increase revenue?

Come ready with YOUR questions: This event will be a 30-minute facilitated panel and 30-minutes of LIVE Q&A. You’ll leave with targeted, personalized marketing + sales advice that you can implement immediately in your business!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Rocket Pitch: Moon Shot Edition

In order to be the founder of a unicorn startup, you’ve got to have a really great idea first. Something that solves a problem. Something that makes people say “how has no one thought of that yet?”. Something that gets our attention.

Last year during the pandemic, we hosted Rocket Pitch, a pitch competition that awarded a Tabbris coworking membership to an innovative startup in Charlotte (shout out to last year’s winner Jessica Kelly and Thr3efold, a software-as-a-service platform that helps fashion brands find ethical factories). This year, we wanted to reach one step backwards to the ideation phase - where all great startups gain traction and where entrepreneurs need the most support and constructive criticism. 

We’re inviting entrepreneurs, founders, community members, random Joes, and even you to Rocket Pitch: The Moon-Shot Series. Specially tailored to “too early” ideas that don’t have a pitch deck prepared or might not even have a second team member yet. No idea is too small if it solves a problem in our society. Because let’s be honest, we need a little bit more of that coming out of this past year. 

Think you’ve got what it takes? 

Oh, did we mention the prize is a full-year membership at Tabbris’s innovation center in South End? Might want to run through your elevator pitch so you can prepare for the chance to make your startup dreams a reality.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Network & Ping Pong

All the best startups knock off early to play ping pong and network with coworkers. Come join the hustlers at Tabbris with a ping pong tournament and blow off some steam playing video games - provided by our friends with the Charlotte Gaymers! 

We’ll bring the refreshments, you bring your company t-shirt and your favorite hoodie, fancy sneakers, or whatever cool founders are wearing these days.