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Building a Truly International Startup, by the Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce

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Kim Kirkendall
International Resource Development, President

Kimberly Kirkendall, CPA has been a bridge between the U.S. and China for over 30 years. She began her career in China, moving there in 1986 after graduating from Ohio State University. She lived in China for five years, where she ran two factories and managed the regional office of a U.S. parent company. During that time she developed a deep understanding and love for the country and its people. 

Professionally she spent the first ten years of her career in operations, manufacturing and supply chain. The second ten years began with her becoming a CPA and starting her own business as a consultant, both as interim executive for some companies (CFO, VP Operations, General Manager) and as an advisor for others.

Her company, International Resource Development, Inc. improves operations and communication for clients with business in both the U.S. and China. Recent Projects include: Establishing Accounting & HR Systems for a new Chemical Factory, Negotiating and Structuring a Joint Venture, Target Search and Negotiation for an Merger/Acquisition in China, Identifying and Establishing a Distributor Network, Market Analysis & Product / Channel Plan, etc. Some of the company’s clients Include; Lubrizol, Invacare, Swagelok, Curtiss Wright, Worthington Industries, GOJO, Oatey, KT Tape, Bracalente, ChangAn Motors, MES Inc, Vitamix, etc.

Jeffrey Goldstein
Onward Global, Founder

Jeffrey Goldstein is owner of Onward Global, and independent contracting practice providing flexible and cost-effective representation to international start-ups, brands and retailers seeking China based leadership support in sourcing, manufacturing, and ethical compliance.  Services have increasingly expanded to Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.

Living in China 12+ years, Jeffrey has helped companies build strategic partnerships, maximize profitability, and mitigate operational risks between US and Asia supply-chains.  This has included the identification and training of 100+ suppliers, overseeing annual procurement negotiations in the tens of millions of dollars, and working with US headquarters to develop and successfully launch dozens of new products.   

Jeffrey has an MBA from Tongji University in Shanghai ('16). He also studied Chinese Politics and Sino-US Relations at Fudan University in Shanghai ('08) and Peking University in Beijing ('06). He received a BA in International Studies from the University of Denver ('08).

Michael Cao
IC3D, Inc., Founder & CEO

Michael Cao is the founder and CEO of IC3D, Inc. since 2012, a 3D printing company. IC3D is a vertically integrated 3D printing company manufacturing materials, equipment, and operating a service bureau in house.  IC3D utilizes global partners for manufacturing, sales, and operations.

Prior to running IC3D full time, Michael was a senior design engineer at Honda R&D for 13 years. Most of that time was spent developing global automotive platforms and products. Also during his time at Honda R&D, Michael has spent two years living in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, while on overseas assignment.

Giorgio Morocica
Yenox, Founder

Giorgio Morocica is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Yenox, a leading EMEA LinkedIn Marketing Agency.

Yenox helps Founders, CEO,s and C-suite Executives leverage LinkedIn to generate more leads for their startup, and scale.

Giorgio was formerly Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer at In this role, he developed extensive sales and operations skills. He has now decided to utilize that experience and knowledge and enable other CEOs, Founders, and Executives and their teams to build & sell products that users love.

Currently, he is also the Head of Brand Awareness at As a shareholder, he promotes the vision, mission, and values of the company. As a brand representative, he seeks to drive global awareness and sales for

Our speakers will discuss how to build a business that leverages international opportunities  - whether that is suppliers / partners / customers / content – how can you take advantage of resources around the world.