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Ohio’s Vision for Entrepreneurs in a Post COVID World, with Jon Husted, Lt. Governor of Ohio

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Jon Husted
Ohio, Lt. Governor

 Jon Husted is the 66th and current Lt. Governor of Ohio. He previously served as the Ohio Secretary of State and as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Lt. Governor Husted has had an extensive career in economic development, dating back to his time at the Dayton-Area Chamber of Commerce. 

As Lt. Governor, Mr. Husted serves as the Director of both InnovateOhio and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation as well as oversees the Common Sense Initiative (CSI-Ohio). These three initiatives come together to support his mission to make Ohio the most attractive state for innovators and entrepreneurs in the Midwest.

Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Husted, InnovateOhio is advancing the Administration’s commitment to leading an innovative path towards a better, stronger Ohio. InnovateOhio has launched the Ohio I.P. Promise to make Ohio colleges and universities a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors. The initiative is also working alongside BroadbandOhio on various strategies that work to expand broadband access for Ohio families. 

Of all his responsibilities, he considers his most important roles to be that of husband to his wife, Tina, and father to Alex, Katie, and Kylie.

Join Jon Husted, Lt. Governor of Ohio in this keynote on the vision for Ohio entrepreneurs in the COVID era.