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Real Estate for Culture, Community & Entertainment | Robert Paskar

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Rob Paskar
Pasker Real Estate, Owner & Broker

Born and raised in South Toledo, Rob found a passion in creating culture and community building at a young age.

An educator at heart, he realized he could have a greater impact on the community through building businesses vs. working through already established systems.

Rob's quest to raise capital for his health and entertainment businesses led him to the real estate industry. He attained his real estate license while living in Columbus in 2014. At that point, he moved back to Toledo with the intention of using his knowledge, businesses and network to make Toledo a better place to live.

As a REALTOR, Rob and his team helps buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals in the fastest time possible, with the least hassle. He also works with Real Estate Asset Owners to maximize their ROI and grow their equity.

A REALTIST, Rob believes that home ownership is the foundation of strong families and strong communities. He works with families to get them financially fit and turn them into homeowners. With his HUD Housing Counseling Certification, Rob serves the community through financial wellness training.

President of the Greater Toledo Realtist Association, Rob leads a coalition of real estate professionals who are passionate about closing the homeownership gap and building Black wealth through real estate. GTRA's mission is to Educate, Empower and Mobilize the Greater Toledo Community to Build Community Wealth through Real Estate.

Jordan Valdiviez
University of Toledo, Incubation Operations Manager at Launchpad Incubation Program

Jordan has spent the past 5 years helping cultivate the startup community in Northwest Ohio through the Startup Incubator with Rocket Innovations at the University of Toledo and has launched the Rocket Innovators webinar/podcast series to highlight entrepreneurs and researches in and around NW Ohio.

Rob's quest to raise capital for his health and entertainment businesses led him to the real-estate industry, finding passion in creating culture and community.