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Retail and Restaurant Technology, with Chris Rumpf

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Chris Rumpf
Flyght, CEO

Chris is the visionary, creative, and resident small-time genius of Flyght Point-of-Sale, a unified technology company for restaurants, retailers, hotels and self-storage companies. Chris has become an expert in the retail and restaurant tech industry and is now a director on the board of the Retail Solutions Providers Association. When he’s not working on Flyght he likes rowing, running, and cycling. He’s also a pilot, which is pretty cool. (Is that where the name comes from? Nah, couldn’t be.)

Jordan Valdiviez
University of Toledo, Incubation Operations Manager at Launchpad Incubation Program

Jordan has spent the past 5 years helping cultivate the startup community in Northwest Ohio through the Startup Incubator with Rocket Innovations at the University of Toledo and has launched the Rocket Innovators webinar/podcast series to highlight entrepreneurs and researches in and around NW Ohio.

Chris, an expert in the retail and restaurant tech industry is ready to share his tales from the trenches of entrepreneurship as CEO of Flyght.