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Taylor McKnight
Emamo, Founder

I have a life-long passion for events. They are the best place to learn something new, meet amazing people and share together. I met my fiance at a festival, I've gotten new career opportunities from conferences and I've met so many friends and inspiring people along the way.

I live the digital nomad life, mainly living in Airbnb's for the past 8 years in places like Bali, China, Japan, Serbia, France and others.

I like silly and unexpected challenges. I've ridden a children's motorcycle across Romania, proposed at the end of a half-marathon in Waco, transformed a dirty alleyway into an oasis to screen free movies for kids in Philadelphia, and even read all of Moby Dick in one weekend.

Let's chat about travel hacks and the best places to scoot, surf and dive around the world!

Emamo is powering the agenda you're looking at right now! Join me for a demo of our event management tool that makes it simple to publish an event site and promote it on social media.

We're also launching a brand new directory of event experts and will show you how to get featured.