Haute Holiday Open House! Haute Holiday Open House!

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Open Chat with Carrie Abernathy

Carrie is a 15 year veteran event planner and industry speaker. She has dedicated her career to helping elevate female leaders be the best version of themselves through mentorship, sponsorship, and building communities like the Association for Women in Events.

Get to know Carrie and why she would make an exciting resilience and leadership speaker for your next event!

The Happily Shadow Program
Kristi Casey Sanders
Kristi Casey Sanders
Happily, Head of Ops and Customer Success

The Happily Shadow Program gives professionals the opportunity to go behind the scenes at virtual events to shadow professionals working in a variety of roles. By completing levels of the program, shadows gain experience points that help them qualify to be hired for paying work on future Happily virtual event teams.

Learn more and get your questions answered during this AMA with Happily's Head of Ops and Customer Success Kristi Casey Sanders.

Look Good and Maximize Networking Efficiency

Shari Hoffman will chat about the secrets to looking good and maximizing your networking efficiency using booth materials, exhibits and NFC technology.