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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lightning Talk | Precision Pain Therapeutics
Candler Paige
Candler Paige
Doloromics, CEO

“No pain, no gain” is meant to console and motivate. Yet, for millions who live with unrelenting debilitating conditions, they’d do anything to gain relief. Opioids can’t be the only answer. Every day in America, three people die every hour from opioid overdose. Prescription opioid misuse alone costs the U.S. $78.5B a year for healthcare, addiction treatment, and more. Physicians need other options and other prospects to help patients manage their pain.

CEO Candler Paige is on a mission to help. Her company, Doloromics, is building a proprietary platform for discovery of disease-specific pain mechanisms, biomarkers, and therapeutics to treat inflammatory and chronic pain. It will be a game-changer for getting quick chronic pain relief to patients who suffer from migraine, muscle pain, and neuropathies — common problems that require uncommon solutions.