Health Supernova 2022 Health Supernova 2022

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lightning Talk | Rewiring the Brain to Enhance Recovery
Robert L Rennaker II
Robert L Rennaker II
Xnerve Medical, CEO

The human brain can generate incredibly complex and beautiful behaviors. These behaviors are driven by neural patterns that have been developing throughout our lifetimes. Yet, following neurological injuries, the neural circuits in our brain change. While some of these changes are helpful and account for functional recovery, maladaptive changes can result in spasticity, chronic pain, tinnitus, phantom limb pain, and other neurological conditions that negatively impact the quality of life.

Robert Rennaker will discuss the use of vagus nerve stimulation to enhance recovery of motor function following spinal cord injury and stroke and to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. His company, X-Nerve, is currently running three clinical trials with a wireless glass encapsulated, ultra-miniature, MRI compatible stimulator that never needs to be replaced.  The device is powered by a wearable that can be triggered via Bluetooth, allowing the rapid development of rehabilitation and treatment tools that can take advantage of Targeted Plasticity Therapy. Their goal? To ensure this therapy maximizes recovery, reduces the need for future surgery, and (most importantly) does not prevent the standard of care.