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Lightning Talk | Ending the Antibiotic Abuse presented by University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

Room 104B

Joe Skraba
Entvantage Diagnostics, Inc., Co-Founder, President and CEO

Joe Skraba, is the co-Founder, President and CEO of Entvantage Diagnostics, Inc.  Joe is an experienced medical device professional, is an engineer by training and has led the company since its formation.  He has spent his entire professional career in commercialization of medical device products for over 35 years. Joe has experience with implantable devices, in-vitro diagnostics and biologic products.  He has been inventor on multiple patents and holds degrees in engineering, business administration and technology commercialization.

80% of patients are prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis, yet 90% of the time, sinusitis is caused by a viral infection that is untreatable by antibiotics. Together Entvantage Dx can reduce the use of antibiotics for ear, nose, and throat illnesses. Entvantage Dx diagnostic tests accurately distinguish bacterial from viral infections, reducing the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics. Joe Skraba will talk about their revolutionary diagnostic kit can qualitatively identify the three major bacterial sinusitis pathogens and provide differentiation from viral sinusitis infections. This determination allows the physician to only prescribe antibiotic treatment for patients who have bacterial sinusitis.