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Lightning Talk | The 3 Tenets of Transformation presented by McKesson

Room 104A

Christy O'Gaughan
McKesson, VP of Data and Digital Innovation

Christy O’Gaughan (she/her) is an accomplished leader, with over 20 years of experience leveraging data and analytics to drive strategic business growth. She has a proven track record of driving both team and enterprise-level transformation to modernize existing processes, operations and experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. Christy joined McKesson in January 2022 as their VP of Data and Digital Innovation where she leads data-enabled innovation efforts to improve health outcomes for all. 

Previously, Christy was at Roche, where she served as VP of Global Insights and Digital Engagement. In that role, she oversaw the competitive intelligence, advanced analytics, data science, forecasting, and digital teams, and drove transformations to evolve not only what Roche delivered, but how they delivered it, resulting in significant business outcomes for the company. 

Prior to Roche, Christy held positions, including Head of Customer and Market Insights for Roche France and Senior Director of Marketing Science at Genentech. Across her leadership roles, Christy is known to create a culture and an environment where technical experts and strategic thought partners thrive.  

Christy’s passion for development and collaboration extends beyond the business as she additionally held a variety of leadership roles with Genentech’s LGBT employee resource group and currently serves on the board of directors for the LGBTQ non-profit, Reaching Out. Christy has been featured at a variety of conferences, including Pharmaceutical Management Science Association, Reaching Out, and Lesbians Who Tech to promote women and diversity in technology. Christy holds an MBA/MS in Healthcare Management and Healthcare Finance, as well as a Master's in Statistics from Temple University. She received her BA in Mathematics from Rowan University. Christy recently moved back to the U.S. after spending 5 years in Europe with her wife and two children. 

Healthcare in the wake of COVID-19 requires new ways of thinking about virtually every aspect of the U.S. healthcare system. An aging population. Chronic disease patterns. Accessibility. Equity. And of course, cost. So what does transformation really require?

Christy O’Gaughan led a global digital transformation during COVID, embracing three core tenets of transformation — the importance of unlearning, the ability to think several steps ahead, and the power of using your network to achieve greater outcomes. Lean in with Christy for her detailed perspective on what it takes and how to make it happen.