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Lightning Talk | Transforming Home Care Through Machine Learning presented by AWS Web Services, Inc.

Room 104A

Amanda L. Goltz
Amazon Web Services, US Healthcare Lead for Worldwide Public Sector Healthcare Venture Capital and Startups

Amanda L. Goltz, MPA is the U.S. Healthcare Lead for Worldwide Public Sector Healthcare Venture Capital and Startups at Amazon Web Services (AWS.) In a previous role at Amazon, Amanda led partnerships to power voice AI experiences at Alexa Health and Wellness. Before coming to Amazon, Amanda was Vice President of Digital Innovation at BTG, a global medtech, managing the portfolio of digital initiatives combining clinical interventions, device technology, and digital services to incorporate the patient experience and improve measurable outcomes. As part of this role, Amanda founded Oncoverse, a software startup in cancer. Previously, Amanda was the Director of Product Strategy and Innovation at Aetna, sourcing emerging solutions from the digital health and innovative networks marketplace, pairing them with employer clients, and directing the implementation of the solutions at scale. Amanda has led innovation and patient-centered initiatives at Pacific Business Group on Health, a large employer coalition; the State of California, and Partners Healthcare, the integrated delivery network founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. Amanda advises several start-up companies as a mentor for the Alexa Fund, 500Startups, Rock Health, and StartXMed, the health and life sciences incubator for Stanford University.  

Machine learning and behavioral analytics are transforming patient care in hospitals and clinics. Now, these same technologies are set to transform home care, as well. Through wearable devices and other sensors, ML-driven solutions can analyze data to spot when an individual’s behavior deviates from the norm, flagging providers who can intervene early and take appropriate action. And that’s just the beginning.

Amazon Web Services has been on the forefront of using voice applications to move healthcare out of primary health institutions and into homes. Amanda Goltz will cover how technology is adopted in healthcare, what other industries can learn from those innovations, and why healthcare needs pioneers in AI/ML and robotics. She will also discuss how to focus on prevention — even  when there doesn’t seem to be a strong buyer in today’s healthcare system — and why that strong buyer doesn’t exist.