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Programming the Future through Biotech+

Room 101

Amy Kruse
Prime Movers Lab, General Partner

Dr. Amy Kruse is a General Partner of Prime Movers Lab where she leads their life sciences investments. As a neuroscientist and biologist, she discovers emerging new companies and leads in-depth due diligence into potential investments across areas including neuroscience, human augmentation, synthetic biology, longevity/regeneration, and agriculture. She also supports portfolio companies in evaluating and overcoming scientific and implementation challenges, with a specific emphasis on deploying complex technology into real-world environments. She serves on the boards of portfolio companies, Cognixion, Paradromics, Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, Attune Neurosciences and Iridia.

Amy brings 15+ years of experience to Prime Movers Lab, spanning a broad array of companies and positions. She is formerly the Chief Scientific Officer at Optios, an applied neuroscience company. She built the company’s scientific vision and completed acquisitions that resulted in a robust intellectual property portfolio. Amy also served as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cubic Global Defense overseeing innovation and the R&D portfolio across the entire defense enterprise. Early in her career, she served as a government civilian program manager at DARPA where she created and oversaw the Agency’s first performance-oriented neuroscience programs, with a combined budget of over $300M.

Amy is Founding Member of the Loomis Innovation Council and a Guest Lecturer for Singularity University. She earned a BS in Cell and Structural Biology and a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, where she was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship.

Claire Aldridge
Taysha Gene Therapies, Senior Vice President

Claire Aldridge, Ph.D. serves as Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff, and Corporate Strategy at Taysha Gene Therapies, a Dallas-based company focusing on eradicating monogenic CNS disease.  She previously served as Associate Vice President for Commercialization and Business Development at UT Southwestern Medical Center and VP of Venture Development with Remeditex Ventures, a local biotech venture fund. Dr. Aldridge brings more than 20 years of experience facilitating the translation of scientific discoveries into patient and commercial benefits.

Dr. Aldridge has leveraged her training as a translator, or liaison, between scientists and non-scientists, communicating effectively about the potential of science. Her roles have included technology commercialization, improving patient outcomes through quality-based initiatives, working with disease-specific nonprofits, development and venture philanthropy, and biotech and life science investing through venture capital.

Dr. Aldridge received her Ph.D. from Duke University in the Department of Immunology and Program in Genetics, and her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science is from Texas A&M University

Lauren Tyra
Green Park & Golf Ventures, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Tyra joined Green Park & Golf in 2017 and serves as Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to joining Green Park & Golf, she completed graduate studies in the Neuroscience program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. During her doctoral studies, she was awarded the prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation to support her research and broader impact activities on the UTSW campus and in the local community. Through her research, she developed an expertise in the mechanisms organisms use for recycling and growth, as well as a deep understanding of the fields of neuroscience and developmental biology. Dr. Tyra is a published scientific author, with publications in Developmental Cell, eLife, Development, and the Journal of Cell Biology. 

At GPG, Dr. Tyra leads diligence efforts and has participated in more than 60 of the firm’s healthcare and technology investments. She serves as an active board observer for Genomenon, Prima Temp, and Gregor Diagnostics. 

In 2021, Dr. Tyra was elected to Place 1 of the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees. She is excited to serve students in PISD, where she and her husband both received their K-12 education and their children are receiving their primary education. She is married to Jason Tyra, an attorney and certified public accountant in private practice in the Dallas area.

Dr. Tyra earned a B.A. in German and B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of North Texas prior to her Ph.D. studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Her advocacy and philanthropic work are focused on public education and improving resources for families of deaf children. She and her husband are also active supporters of 29 Acres.

Brad Phelan
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Director of Technology Commercialization and Blackstone LaunchPad

Brad Phelan, Director of Technology Commercialization and Blackstone LaunchPad at UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), focuses on engaging with UTSW faculty and students internally and entrepreneurs, investors and commercialization experts externally to support the advancement of research toward commercial application. Brad previously worked for JP Morgan Chase, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and more recently launched three companies and advised entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals prior to joining UTSW.

The warp speed of technology advancement across healthcare is driving a convergence of innovation and impact on how patients are treated. Hear from three esteemed thought leaders and innovators in biotech+ today who are developing and investing in the technologies to define the future.

Amy Kruse brings insightful perspective on human 2.0 technology and robotics in medical devices that are revolutionizing surgery, prosthetics, imaging, and other critical areas. Claire Aldridge clarifies the post-pandemic opportunities to enable biotech-based therapies that prevent and treat disease. Lauren Tyra covers the waterfront of technologies that enable greater accessibility and equity in healthcare systems. Expect to learn about what matters in healthcare today… and what’s next.