IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo
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Closing Session Keynote - Never-Ending Story: The Continuing Power and Evolution of Events

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Room - Colony Ballroom
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Joe Goldblatt
Chief Executive

Helping us put a bold and fitting cap on our 64th Annual IFEA Convention, we are very pleased to welcome Dr. Joe Goldblatt, whose remarkable career encompasses multiple stages as performer, producer, professor and author. Dr. Goldblatt is Professor Emeritus of Planned Events and the author, co-author and editor of over 30 books in our field. The first Educator to be inducted into the IFEA Hall of Fame in 2008, Joe is acclaimed as one of the world’s foremost authorities in event management, a field of study that he pioneered. With a reach and respect that extends from event professionals, policy-makers and other influentials, to global classrooms around the world, Joe Goldblatt continues to create ripples that will shape and impact our industry for generations to follow. His new book, The True Joy of Life, A Memoir, was released in April of this year and is available at the convention. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife, Nancy, of 41 years and they are the parents of their Scottish grandson Hamish.

Bold Choices must be made to achieve further greatness in festivals and events. Following a  50-year career in live event production and education, several new bold choices are identified and you shall be sign-posted toward future success.

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