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Event Security for Nervous Times

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Steven Adelman
Adelman Law Group, PLLC , Principal, Event Safety Alliance, Vice President

Sports and entertainment lawyer Steven A. Adelman is the head of Adelman Law Group, PLLC in Scottsdale, Arizona and Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance.  His national law practice focuses on risk management, safety and security at live events, and he testifies as an expert witness in crowd-related lawsuits.  With the Event Safety Alliance, he is one of the authors of the Event Safety Guide, and he chairs the group developing a first-of-its-kind ANSI standard for Crowd Management at live events.  He is on the faculty of Arizona State University’s Sports Law and Business Program, he writes the monthly "Adelman on Venues" newsletter on current issues in the live event industry, and he frequently appears in national and local media to provide analysis of incidents at sports and entertainment venues.  Steve Adelman graduated from Boston College Law School in 1994.  He can be reached at [email protected]

Are you concerned that, after a wave of shootings that included a rural garlic festival, a big box retailer, and an outdoor entertainment district in a small city, even your event is vulnerable?  If so, come to this session to acknowledge the elephant in the room, then discuss positive things you and your staff can do to minimize the risk of both real and perceived security threats.  If not, then come to this session so your peers can awaken you to reality, by force if necessary, before your failure to plan results in disaster.  Event Safety Alliance Vice President Steve Adelman will lead us from today's inky blackness to the faint light visible on the far horizon.