IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo
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Proactive Protection: The Importance and Role of Background Checks to Protect Your Event & Stakeholders

Room -Tidewater A
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Chris Goodman, Risk Management Certified, HR Management, and NAPBS
NCSI - SSCI Background Screening Solutions, Director

Mr. Goodman is widely considered one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of volunteer background screening. NCSI is responsible for establishing the National Recreation and Park Background Screening Guidelines in 2006 and helped write the current SafeSport guidelines for the United States Olympic Committee Governing Bodies. Chris has advised over 3,500 city and county HR departments and 26 of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee. Mr. Goodman, a graduate of Georgia Tech, is a key member of the Executive staff at NCSI and brings a unique and energetic perspective to the background screening profession. He has been active in youth sports as coach and played collegiately at Georgia Tech and professionally with the Kansas City Royals. You may recognize Chris from among the countless educational sessions at state and national conferences throughout the United States. For the last decade, he typically speaks at 20-25 states annual conferences each year.

Over the last 10 years, there has been an abundant number of deficiencies identified in the traditional methods utilized to screen volunteers and employees. These deficiencies are falling significantly short of the due diligent employment screening practices, which have placed all volunteer dependent organizations and their members at serious risk! Addressing the need to upgrade background screening for volunteers can no longer be pushed to the side. Low cost or local law enforcement programs leave a dangerously large number of criminal records going undiscovered and leaving the organization at risk for falling under the national standards.