IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo IFEA 64th Annual Convention & Expo
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Understanding the Burdgening Scope & Scale of Event Insurance Expectations

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David Olivares, CFEE
Kaliff Insurance, Director of Sales

David G. Olivares is the Director of Sales at Kaliff Insurance. His area of expertise are Festivals and Events and is responsible for guiding the company’s focus on Outdoor Music and Entertainment Events and venues. David’s professional background, infused with his passion for sports and entertainment, offer the perfect blend of talent that ensures proper coverage and implementation to protect Kaliff clients.

The world we operate in is changing and responding, almost daily, to new challenges, tragedies, and realities that we must now consider, prepare for and protect against to the best of our abilities. Logically, our insurance expectations are changing as well, but it can sometimes get both confusing and frustrating, just making sure your event and all key stakeholders are properly protected, without breaking the bank. This valuable session will help to clarify the scope and scale of what's available, what's mandatory, what's worth the risk and what's not, from the insurance side of events.