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Where do you stand? Leveraging Communication and Trust to Proactively Address Sexual Misconduct at Events

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Matt Pipkin
WeVow, Founder & CEO

Matt Pipkin is the founder/CEO of WeVow, which helps organizations and events build cultures that protect their people, reputation, and bottom line from the high costs of sexual misconduct. Prior to WeVow, stemming from his own childhood experience, Matt founded nonprofit Speak Your Silence in 2012, focused on helping people affected by sexual abuse and assault move forward to live great lives. Matt's wife, Ashley, is a load of fun and has worked in the events and hospitality industry for 10 years. They live in Boise, Idaho, love their two cats, and are graduating to become parents of a real-life human, due on Leap Day 2020. :) Beyond that, Matt's a private pilot and loves flying with his dad, a retired fighter/airline pilot.

The last thing you want to be thinking about during your event is sexual misconduct. But, vague expectations bring vague results. By giving your staff, volunteers, attendees, and stakeholders 100% clarity on where you stand and how much you value them, you can elevate thinking, build trust, and protect everyone at your event.