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Nimihitotan - Fancy Shawl Dance

Danni Daysky Okemaw

Danni Daysky Okemaw is an Indigenous dancer from Berens River First Nation, Manitoba and God's River First Nation. Danni is Anishnaabe and Swampy Cree. Danni is currently at The University of Alberta, she is taking the Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies and will be graduating by April 2022. Danni also participates in community events within the Indigenous community in Edmonton. 

Danni has over 15+ years of dance training in Hip-hop dance choreography, Contemporary and Modern dance and the powwow styles of Fancy Shawl, Jingle Dress and Women’s Traditional. Danni participates in competition powwow dancing with her family in the summer months. She also teaches powwow styles to youth in Edmonton, Alberta. Danni has travelled with Sikat Dance Company to Montreal and San Diego for hip-hop dance competitions. She has travelled to New York City, Toronto and Santa Fe for Indigenous contemporary dance residencies with Dancing Earth, Kahawi Dance Theatre and Michael Mao Dance Company. In Edmonton, she has trained with hip-hop dance companies such as Fly Girlz Dance Company and has also trained with TrailMix. 

Danni is the Co-Founder with Tiger Bellerose of the monthly Indigenous Hip Hop Workshop nimihitotan. Nimihitotan provides dance training to the Indigenous community by Indigenous dancers. Nimihitotan aims to create a community within the Edmonton dance community. Nimihitotan also aims to create safe spaces by fostering kinship and reciprocal relations between Indigenous hip-hop dancers.