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Audiovisual Composition with Max /MSP/ Jitter

Livestorm 34
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Ankit Malik
Spiralynk, Audiovisual Artist

Spiralynk is a vehicle for sonic exploration. It is the brainchild of Ankit Malik, a multidisciplinary artist exploring the relationship between space, time, and the human psyche through multimedia compositions. His interdisciplinary work includes Braindance, an audiovisual composition utilizing real-time EEG data to synthesise audio and visuals. He is currently working on a series of multimedia installations titled Static Variable which combines the world of transmission art with immersive audio. He has delivered multiple live audiovisual performances in Europe and India using bespoke digital systems interfaced with hardware analog synthesisers. He has composed for various theatre productions which have premiered in Cambridge, Prague, and Kolkata. His music is best defined as organized chaos and traverses the genres of IDM, ambient, glitch, drone, and noise. Ankit holds a BSc(Hons) in Mass Communication and Videography, a BA(Hons) in Creative Music Technology, and is currently in the process of completing a MMus in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music, Valencia.

“The track is a sonic reaction to the ongoing pandemic, affecting lives across the globe. The producer has used frequency-modulated pure sine tones with vinyl noise to create a sense of despair as was being felt by many around him and around the globe. ” - The Telegraph

This workshop is a quick but deep dive into the world of audiovisual composition with the help of Max/MSP/Jitter, a visual programming language. In this lecture we will look at the basics of programming and composition in Max, exploring the BEAP and VIZZIE systems to build a custom audiovisual system.