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Innovative Artist Management & Diversity in the Music Business

Livestorm 14
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Line Rindvig
TBHG Records, Manager

Before Line started managing "Kelvyn Colt", she had already gained years of experience in the UK live music industry. She’s worked as event producer for MTV, Live Nation, AEG & BRITs Week for years. Today, she leads the TBHG Records and its team, while also busy building and positioning Kelvyn Colt as an independent global artist.

Kelvyn Colt
TBHG Records, Artist

In 2019, Colt was catapulted out of Berlin's music scene and began touring across the globe while building an international community amongst his fans under the name TBHG (Triple Black Heart Gang).  The rapper, who is of Nigerian-German descent, has recently bought himself out of his record deal with Sony Music Germany, purchasing the rights to his entire catalogue, founded his own record label -  as well as he’s made it to FORBES 30 Under 30 list (twice).


Kanèda is a Music Producer, DJ and Artist that incorporates her African roots into her music. She produces and DJs Hip-hop, Trap, Afro-house and reggae. Known as the Queen of 808s among her peers, her sound design skills feature Hip-hop aesthetics and heavy bass.

Triggering innovative solutions and approaches to artist management, Line is an expert in entrepreneurship and independence in the music industry. Together with her newly formed business partner and longterm managed artist, Kelvyn Colt, they will talk about transforming relationships, creative business strategies and future-oriented ideas on how to incorporate the newest technology and conquer current challenges. A special focus will lie on the unique teamwork between Line (Manager) and Kelvyn (Artists). This conversation will trigger to encourage women in the music industry to step up for their rights and feel empowered, as well as touching the sensible topic of managing a black artist and what opportunities and difficulties may come with it during these times.

Moderator: Henny